Below is a sampling of the type of documents that OMSA collects or produces for the assistance of our members.  The full document collection may be viewed after logging into the OMSA website and clicking on the "members only area" tab.


OMSA Documents

OMSA Analysis of Vessel Availability and Impacts of Recent CBP Notice
OMSA Annual TRIR Data Report
OMSA Membership Application
STCW Codes Translation Table
OMSA Economic Study 2010
OMSA-CG Partnership
OMSA Teamwork Approval 

ILO MLC06 Documents

MLC NVIC 02-13
USCG FAQs (2015 ed)
MLC Flag Guide

IMO Documents

IMO-SEEMP Guidelines
IMO-Res1047(27) SMD 
IMO-Required Documents
IMO-Anti-Fouling Systems Convention
IMO-AFS flyer
IMO - Polar Code

Other Documents

USCG - BWM Tips (March 2017 rev)
USCG - D8 Cyber Security Guidance
USCG - CG-5P pol ltr 08-16 (Security Reporting)
USCG - MSU Morgan City Lay up Policy Ver A
USCG-STCW Rest Regulation
USCG-STCW Rest CVC pol 12-05
USCG-STCW endorsements CVC pol 12-07
USCG-STCW security endorsements CVC pol 12-06
USCG-Ballast Water Rule
USCG-NMC 3rd Party Authorization
USCG-CVC pol 12-04 ECA Compliance
USCG-Marine Inspection Notice 03-12(logbook)
USCG-Marine Inspection Notice 04-12(logbook)
USCG - Safety Alert 08-13(Conf Space)
USCG - CVC pol 12-08 (AFS Convention)
USCG - Large OSV Presentation


LABI-LCTCS Maritime Workforce Study

EPA-ECA Guidance
EPA-Guide for non-compliant ECA fuel

NOAA - Right Whale Rules

LA - Terrebonne Parish Letter to Governor on Oil Lawsuits